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Werebeasts and Skinwalkers (Shapeshifters)
(Were Characters and Skinwalkers will have to make two characters on the HUD)

Simeon I of Bulgaria is the father of Lycanthopry and Skinwalkers.  He was able to use magic, to transform himself into a wolf.  He ruled over Bulgaria from 893 to 927.  That blood line continues even now through some of those that live in Nox Atra.  His children were there even before the Vampyr’s dominating presence.

His decedents lived in relative peace with the humans, seeking the secluded area to hunt the wildlife and the occasional unwary human.  They integrated themselves with the Romany and those of the town of Speria but avoided the other inhabitants that lived in the shadows of the Hoia Baciu Forest.  Seeking to maintain their humanity through their ties with the humans of Nox Atra they are very wary of the uncontrolled change.

It is unclear how the shift went from voluntary to involuntary.  Rumors, folklore, and fairytales exist that similarly have stated that Simon’s temper, being so great, turned him to beast for real and the sickness suffered was known as lycanthropy. His biological children became known as skinwalkers and those that fell to his rage on a full moon became known as werewolves.  It is clear through writings of the Sect historians that the Romany had unknowingly and perhaps knowingly helped on many occasions to provide them with charms and potions to curb their need to obey the moons call.  Skinwalkers imprint on the first animal they feel drawn to as a child soon after taking on the change.  They can also be found in their human forms to have a sort of bond with that same animal.

An unexpected coupling between a Vampyr male and Were female caused the war that was to come.  Until that time the Were and Skinwalkers had been uncertain who these people were, but let them be, love of the hunt and their own bloodlust seemed to coincide with those of the beast blood.  The Vampyr Duke’s insult to the daughter of the Pack Alpha soon caused, as do most tragic love stories, strife between the races war ensued and left a deep scar on both races.  Forcing the Were to work with the Dwarves and A Half Orc Chief, they helped create the massive underground city of Suntomorât

The beasts and the vampyr seek to keep their presence a secret from the humans.  Failure to do so could be the end of them all, and the ever-meddling Romany would only fuel that fire with the Sect.  This secret war has waged for hundreds of years now.  The beasts infiltrate and watch the humans, and even the Romany, while seeking out the Vampyr to slaughter them, remove their bloodline from Nox Atra, and take control of Speria and the surrounding areas.

The other races they tolerate, even respecting some of the stronger ones like the Orcs and Dwarves.  They are suspicious of the Feyfolk but see them as more of an annoyances than a threat.  Demons and celestials are seen threats due to their supernatural natures. The rest are neutral to them.


WereBeasts - 


  • Human form, in human form they are normal.  Susceptible to wounds and illness.  They cannot die but they will if reduced to 0 hit points go comatose for 24 hours unless they attain assistance in the form of a healer of some kind.

  • Moon, Rage and Blood.  They cannot resist the call of the moon.  Rage will turn them and the smell of blood and sight of it can cause them to turn.  The will have to make a flat roll with a modifier (Constitution-Resilience) of 50 or higher for any of these circumstances.  This decreases by ten for each post past two that they are in role play.  Should they fail this roll they will begin to show signs of shifting and will have to flee or, well… hope the person they are with can gtfo. It takes three full posts from the character to turn.

  • Wolfsbane and silver will make them very ill will put them in a supernatural stasis and they must either attain help to be moved and then a healer that can assist bringing them back from the “coma”.  No combat for 7 days. (Wolfsabane is rare in this realm but it can be found, rp will have to be submitted to Staff in the case of a consented illness and how the wolfsbane was attained.  This also applies to silver, remember silver is soft, and rp will have to be submitted on who, what, where, when and how).


  • Were form super strength.  They get a +5 their strength in a fight on top of any bonuses (please swap from human character to were character on the HUD)

  • Health bonus.  Were get a +5 to health in beast form (please swap from human character to were character on the HUD)

  • Feats of Strength.  This can include busting through doors, most wooden walls, lifting large objects and tossing them, even leaping over a wall.  Gain a +5 on a flat (Brawn and Force) roll to do any of these. (please swap from human character to were character on the HUD)


  • Allure: -4

  • Agility: 0

  • Knowledge: -4

  • Prowess: 12

  • Hidden 1

  • Hidden 2

Note: Werewolves have 2 forms. The Human form will take human states. ​

For more information please check Attributes under the About​ tab.


SkinWalkers -  


  • Can only take the form of “normal animals that they have knowledge of.” I.E.  You cannot take the form of a picture in a book or something you have heard of.  You have had to have had physical contact with it and must be an actual animal and cannot be larger than a grizzly bear.  You must choose ONE animal that you shift to. Also, please note, that animals not indigenous to this area would arouse suspicion.

  • Shifting in small or larger spaces.  You are confined to the space you are shifting in.  If you are a bear and are in smaller area than what it would allow, shifting will cause damage. (One HP per three posts).

  • You cannot speak normally.  You are limited to the language of your animal form when changed. The only exception are birds that can speak, mimic, etc for all intents and purposes outside your intelligence and knowledge you are that animal.


  • Clothes change with you back and forth.  You will never be naked, because of the inherent magic that is in your blood clothes shift with you.  This gives you an advantage with your next strength.  You also maintain your human intelligence. 

  • Instant change.  Once more because your talents came from the meld of magic, body and mind, you can change in the space of a minute.  This has helped keep your identity a secret for ages.  No form of spell will identify you as anything other than human or animal in the form you are in now.

  • Instant healing.  When you change back to human form or vice versa, your body sloughs off the damage in the new form.  If you are reduced to zero, you will change back and regain consciousness in moments.


  • Allure: 2

  • Agility: 2

  • Knowledge: 2

  • Prowess: 2

  • Hidden 1

  • Hidden 2

For more information please check Attributes under the About​ tab.

**PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE WEAKNESSES AND STRENGTHS ARE RP ENHANCERS, all fights must be consented on and common sense is always a rule of thumb. **