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During the 18th century in Romania there was a frenzy of paranoia over vampires.  This led to a mass exodus of certain stragoi clans to retreat into the more rural areas of the country.  One of those areas being Nox Atra, deep in the darkest corners of Transylvania.  Due to the frequent stalking and suspicions, typically led by the Romany, the Vampires secluded themselves using magic of illusion and necromancy to cover their passage.  They are said to be decedents of the devil himself, and his betrayal of god led him to create those creatures of the shadow.

This led to their shunning of the sun.  Strong sunlight harms them, but over cast days allow them to walk among the mortals but it weakens them.  Some are known to look relatively normal, tanned skin, healthy appearances and require little magic to deceive the wandering eye.  Others are pale, thin and frail and

some even gruesome in their true appearances.   The Carpathian Conclave has held power here since the 1400’s when Vlad Dracula was supposedly killed.  The Romany still maintain that his blood line continues as well as suspicions that he lives still, entombed and protected by his children.  Those from other areas of the country have over the last 400 years congregated here.  Their mortal enemies, the Were are also known to be here as well and the war between these two conclaves has been waged for 100’s of years in the shadows of the city that has been built beneath the Castle Damnelor and Town of Speria.

The Stragoi either seek to manipulate the Romany or enslave them while weeding out the werebeasts and exterminating them.  There is no love lost within these conclaves and although the werebeasts refuse to expose the vampires due to their own possible exposure. The Stragoi fear exposure by the Romany should they gain conclusive evidence of their existence.  

The Vampire Clans have come, attracted to this area, the area so focused on other issues they have come to insert themselves into the political structure of Nox Atra, as well some seek to rule, a recent influx of a Ventrue clan has been making motions through the black market gaining wealth and influence.  We accept all clans and races that involve the World of Darkness WoD Genre.


  • Full Sunlight will cause great discomfort and you will seek to avoid it at all costs.

  • Overcast days weaken them although they can maneuver around, it's often much harder to function properly

  • White Ash stakes to the heart will put them in a supernatural stasis and they must either attain help to be moved and then a healer that can assist bringing them back from the “coma”.  No combat for 7 days. (White Ash is rare in this realm but it can be found, rp will have to be submitted to Staff in the case of a consented staking on how the stake was attained)




  • Supernatural Speed, they can move so fast they gain an advantage in combat to flee or defend against combat.

  • Blood feasting will allow them to heal any damage within two hours, this does not include being staked by white ash. The roleplay will have to be submitted to verify if requested and must be an hour in length.

  • Illusion allows them to manipulate what people see, and they are highly adept with this form of magic as well as necromancy.


  • Allure: 5

  • Agility: 3

  • Knowledge: 3

  • Prowess: 0

  • Hidden 1

  • Hidden 2

For more information please check Attributes under the About​ tab.