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Undead are just that, not living, no souls perhaps or just no life force, but considered dead.   Understand that these are not Zombies or walking skeletons. No these are creatures who had had the displeasure of reanimating or ghosts that have taken corporeal form. (zombies and skeletons not allowed).  The undead are neither good nor evil.  They are in most cases as they were in live only dead.  That means the undead can be made up of devout believers or serial killers. It's a roll of the dice what you'll get.

For this reason the undead are not witless or characterless. In fact you'll find that the undead have a rather unique personality all their own. For they are one of the few creatures in the world to have experienced death who can talk about it. 

The undead can suffer from a number of issues. Limbs breaking off, skin flaking from their bodies or difficulty maintaining a solid state. It can be a full time job just to keep up the appearance of being alive. Not to mention the smell. It would probably be a good idea to find a flower shop

or a field of flowers to help offset the smell of decay that your body will be emitting. Or perhaps you can find a magic user kind enough to cast a spell to make the oder go away.  Just remember even though your dead, drugs, and alcohol can still effect your physical body. However the alcohol you drink will help slow down the rot. How you go about disguising your decaying body can be a fun adventure, just don't get caught by the humans. 

But how did the undead, become the undead. Well that is a good question. Some were simply over looked by the reaper for one reason or another. Some were brought back to life, like the classical book and movie, Frankensteins Monster.  Others simply got lost on their way to the afterlife.  The rarest of these unique souls are those damned by both Paradise and Purgatory, the Banished. Those that neither god nor his brother want. These are the undead that other creatures most want to stay away from.  Nothing good can come from running into the Banished.



  • Raw Diets - Most undead need to sustain themselves through the ingestion fo raw, bloody meat or substances.  They cannot be sated by cooked food or vegetables.  This is one case were vegetables are not good for you.  Eating cooked food will make an Undead noticeably ill.

  • Mirror Images - Undead when seeking their reflection can only see the decay that they are enduring or the person they once were.  They avoid mirrors and reflective surfaces as much as possible.  

  • Peppered not Salt - Salt burns and will give those with skin a ungodly rash.  Salt will cause a ghost to partially vaporize where ever it hits them. 



  • Resistant arcane magic and cold - they are after all undead, magic does not affect them the same way and they do not feel the cold.

  • No rest for the Wicked - Undead never sleep.

  • No Pain no gain - Undead do not feel physical pain


  • Allure: 1

  • Agility: 1

  • Knowledge: 1

  • Prowess: 3

  • Hidden 1

  • Hidden 2

For more information please check Attributes under the About​ tab.