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Suntomorat City in Shadows

Nox Atra
Suntomorât, City in Shadows


Under the very noses of the Carpathians it was built.  Driven from the land, deep into the earth they went. Seeking refuge from the persecution of those who deemed them too unfit, unholy to live in the open air.  They hid and the Vampires, the town of Speria supernaturals and even some fae helped create the "Fog" that hid their kind from human memory.  Even with the fog lifted were beasts were still part of a legend, evil creatures unable to control their change and cause mayhem and murder where ever they tread, or so the rumors and legends have told.  Even now with the fog lifted racism is rampant, those that differ from humans face the daily trials of acceptance and some still prefer to remain hidden, secreted in Suntomorat.


Grafton, looked up, hearing something scratching at the wall he was working on.  A brow rose as the dwarf pulled on his beard and he pressed ear to stone, “OI!”  he yelled out, “There be something there, behind the wall knocking back at me!”  The miner put down the small pick, released the harness and jumped down to the ground. Without a thought he reached for the large hammer, spinning around he brought that huge hammer down on the wall, shattering the stone sending a spray of chips everywhere.  When the dust settled, and he went forth, a small hole with a reddish eyeball stared at Grafton, “What the…” he said as a large hand rested on his shoulder.  

“What have you found Grafton?”  the Beastmaster asked him, “Something new to build with, another color of stone?”  Grafton looked up, “Uhh well unless you plan on building walls with eyes, I don’t think this’ll do Brayden” 
The large human looking man bent down and peered at the hole and then barked, snarled and sniffed, “It’s movin!”

Brayden and Grafton, founders of Suntomorat, had been slowly carving out the inside of the mountain, hidden from the humans and their enemies above.  The Beast had met Grafton when, unfortunately, he had tried to tear him apart on a full moon.  The dwarven miner and the beast man, as he called him, had become friends.  Grafton showing him the way of stone to tame his temper and gain a better hold on his senses.  The Beast Master teaching him how to hunt and use his senses to determine what was around him.  An odd pair these two, but it worked. Those skin walkers, werebeasts and dwarves had been working together for a long time now.

Grafton knew that Brayden had one goal, to kill the Duke and tear apart his family.  For the Carpathians had hunted his kind to the point of near extinction.  They had been forced to hide, but here, then now thrived.  The city was growing, slowly, but the markets and strange magics, and science that was growing here had brought them profit, and even those tricky Romany were useful when it came to selling it.  The black market was now one of the most renowned in the supernatural world. 

It was easy for them to integrate slowly into Speria, the Romany and the land around them.  For the dwarves even though stout were easily passed off as short folk, and not paid much attention other than they made amazing things with metal and gems.  A silent war had been going on for some time now, but it was quiet as of late, until well, this eyeball peeked back at them.

The orcs and goblins that were pushing each other around to get a look at what was behind the wall were as equally stunned.
“You smell it, gold, I smell it Snodgrass!”  a grunt and a rough push, “I smell food and piss.”  Another shove and he peeked through the wall.
“It’s a runt and a giant of a human, see, nothing to be afraid of Glister.”  He waved a meaty hand and the Orc Shamaness moved forward, cleared her throat and spoke, “We from the land above want to find a home, Chieftain Snodgrass wishes to trade for his tribe and will trade for it.”

Perhaps the oddest meeting one could think of, but the two had been chipping away at the same spot for almost a year, seeking to expand on one side and the other to just get deeper and away from the bloodsuckers that now hunted them.  

Suntomorat is home to those that do not fit, a place of shadows, but also freedom.  That was 50 years ago and today the city is now well established, has its own trade system as well as the economy.  They keep their presence hidden from prying eyes above while they infiltrate.  On more than one occasion, The Sect has come close to the discovery of their entrances, so they move them frequently.  Brayden and Grafton are gone now, Grafton from old age and Brayden from a silver dagger and pushed from the falls, his last confrontation with the Duke had not gone in his favor.  


A delicate balance, or as the goblins say, “A nasty game of hiding and seek!” is being waged right now with the exposure of the demi-humans.  They are facing a war of discrimination, fear and worse, hunted for their body parts to be marketed on the black market.  Some still seek refuge here and refuse to expose themselves wearing their masks and makeups and using magic to hide their appearances while they watch their kin and their trials.

Lead - Clotho (nathyrria)

This Conclave is for those characters that would like to belong to something but not align themselves with a specific conclave, Carpathians, Salbatic, etc.  The city is meant for all those that would be considered supernatural in nature, i.e. any non human.  It is entirely at the discretion of the lead to allow human slaves or such into this group.