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Tart, or Poptart as she is often called, has over 20 years of tabletop and rp experience.  She brings the talents of design, lore creation and creative writing to the Sim. She has been on SL for over 10 years and this is not her first toon.  In game she plays Irina Dragos, Human Romany Gypsy.  She can be found on sim in many areas and invites any interested in roleplay to come find her!


Tart Vyper


Veritas has been on SL since it's inception.  He has decades of tabletop experience and also Manages the Rentals and the HUD on Nox Atra.  In game he plays Marius, a mysterious man with a dark history.  He can be found on sim and encourages people to come find him to role play!


Veritas Arrow

Jorrick has been an avid rp'er with us through two sims.  A dedicated rp'er and super creative we welcome him as a Sentinel and are fortunate to have him.


Jorrick (ninjakittens)

Hi there, I am Mia and have been involved in role-play from almost the very beginning that I joined Second Life.
At that time I couldn't role-play at all, but someone took the time to teach me, and I am still very grateful for that.

At some point a friend taught me to build, which is fun, and we build several sim layouts together, including Nox Atra, which I have done with a lot of love and inspiration.

I am also a Sentinel here, so if you have questions, or need help, don't be afraid to poke me. I am here to help.

Sentinel/Nox Builder

Mia Sorrelwood

Mara is the website designer. If you locate any issues with the site, please contact Mara or an owner so that the issue can be resolved. Mara is happy to help anyone who needs it so don't be afraid to contact her. 

Web Design


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Special thanks go out to Shar for his assistance in building the Nox Atra SIM.