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Sălbatic Conclave

Sălbatic Conclave 
Sălbatic- Of Animals, feral, wild, beastlike.

Simeon I of Bulgaria was said to be able, using magic, to transform himself into a wolf.  He ruled over Bulgaria from 893 to 927.  That blood line continues through the Salbatic Conclave even today.  It is unclear how the shift went from voluntary to involuntary.  Rumors, folklore and fairytales exist that similarly have stated that his temper, being so great, turned him to beast for real and the sickness suffered was known as lycanthropy. His children became known as skinwalkers and those that felt to his rage on a full moon became known as werewolves.

The Salbatic was the first to speak of making a great city under Speria.  Hidden from the watchful gaze of the Carpathians.  This way the could keep an eye on them as well as remain hid from the prying eyes of the humans above.  Though they do not hate humans, they are aware that many unknowingly side with the Carpathians due to the wealth and reach they have.  No longer strictly hidden some have integrated themselves into other conclaves as spies some even business owners or hidden inSperia.


The Salbatic Conclave seeks to annihilate the Carpathians and there is no love lost between the Conclaves.  They have only come together once in the past to rid a greater power from the land and that had dire consequences.  A Romany had ended up being turned by the bite of an Alpha that was not able to control himself and the domino effect leading to the deaths of many in the three conclaves.  


They continue to seek more power by certain breeding patterns, making the pack bigger by choosing the strongest and wisest Alphas.  Only the strongest can maintain the title of Pack Leader.  They encompass both Were and Skinwalkers and have even been known to take in those strong enough to prove their worth.  The recent death of the old Duke was the result of a rogue were and they are still hunting him or her down.


The Werebeasts and Skinwalkers of Nox Atra have come a long way from their initial decedents.  No longer are they just wolf.  Lycanthropy has affected other animals in the realm of shadows as well.  The Salbatic Conclave consists of wolf, boar, bear, rat, cat and more.  They can be feline, canine or bear, some even have said that the taint flows into a bird as well.  This may be confused with the Skinwalkers.  After the fog was lifted they are finding that the attention now focused on the demi-humans has left them to shadows more than before and they are happy to remain anonymous in this world, although the sudden influx of other vampires is concerning.


Where the Were are controlled by the moon, their tempers, and bloodlust.  The Skinwalkers can shift into animals and bird at will.  They are weaker than their cousins, but they do not fall under the same limitations.  The Conclave welcomes all those that have “Beast in their Blood” as they call it.  Those that seek to join the pack must present throat to the Alpha seeking an audience. Their current Alpha will set the new pack rules and hierarchy.


Lead- Aries Khaezar (kain.silvershade)