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 Welcome to the sim and thank you for taking the time to read this notecard.

Nox Atra is a Gothic horror roleplaying setting.  Set in the late 1800’s Romania. The darkness permeates the land, sinister and seductive are the powers that lurk here. Science is burgeoning, gas-lit street lamps, toilets, steam heating, and more are now normal.  Past timeline rifts have made the population diverse but racism is something that is dealt with daily.


The apothecaries of old now mix magic and science to formulate wondrous experiments while the monks plan with the Hunters to create new weapons to combat evil.  Magic is common and those with the talent can use it, humans may stick more to your mundane magics of old folklore, charms, potions,  with the more complicated magics left to those with more magical natures.


To become Conclave lead, you can apply here


To Apply for a Staff position apply here


To Apply for a shop Keeper or ideas on a shop apply here


Once you apply, you are free to go on sim and rp while we get to your app :)  Please makes sure you IM staff if you have any questions or concerns or just want to know more about the sim, that is what we are here for. 

Avatars, Weapons and Dress Code


To be able to play in this sim with an avatar you will need to fill out a SHORT application (link here) submit a photo (Can be a link to a gyazo or other), and accept the HUD Experience.  You only need to app for your initial character if you create more we only ask that is there is a question about your avatar to contact staff to make sure it is allowable.


No furries

No anime

No avatars that look too young

No overly-proportioned avatars (I.e.  Gigantic breasts, or butts or thighs, your character must be considered proportionate to body structure.)

Bipeds must be realistic looking jomo werewolves are an example.


We ask that you do your best to dress in the timeline that the sim is set for, late 1800's.  (AKA a decked out biker jacket probably not going to work).  We do make allowances for high heels though and are not trying to be crazy picky but again this is a timeline with long skirts, short skirts, coat jackets, ties, linen pants, and high collard blouses as well as fluffy peasant blouses and pants.  Even overalls were created in the 1800's so there is a lot of wiggle room.  If you are not sure, ask a staff member.  If your character is from a past timeline you are free to wear what was in that timeline.

Period firearms are allowed.


Magic tech means magically modified weaponry.  It looks the same but may have a lot more cool effects when used.  A crossbow may fire magic bolts of arcane energy.  A flintlock may have projectiles that shatter and lance a person with ice needles, etc.  We do not have large glowing vibrating objects, not here on the sim anyway ;)  If you need a reference there is a great scene in the movie vanHelsing where the monk has a potion bottle that is like sunlight when it explodes, MAGIC TECH!


*If you overhaul your character, you will need to reapply, but note the HUD allows for different characters on the same Avatar, deletion is not a requirement anymore*

We will use the picture you upload as your baseline character. If it is not in proportion with the sim, or you have doubts, please contact one of the staff and we’ll try to help.


Tara Talaj

Mia Sorrelwood

Tart Vyper

Malikon Reyes

Veritas Arrow


Euphemia Resident

**Staff boards are in the landing zone coach house along the stairs.



For a list of the combat rules please click the button bellow. 


Combat Rules 

Although this is the late 1800's you are in a rural part of the country in Romania, we make allowances for magictech, i.e. repeating crossbows, modified weaponry as such, and flintlocks, colts and revolvers are allowed at this time.  

The meter is a requirement, as it will control many of the challenges your character will face in this sim. You can find it in the landing zone.


On how to use the meter and the basic controls can be found on the HUD and we will hold classes for the meter as needed.

Skills are rolls you can make to use various things, perception, alure, etc.  These mostly will require a flat roll or a roll against using a skill in noncombat.  Example:  Joe moves his hand under the table to remove his flintlock, preparing to fire at the beast.  John rolls perception to see if he notices the subtle movements of Joe's arm.  A roll against Joe on perceptrion would determine if he saw it or his opponent was skillful enough for him to not.  A flat roll is typically one that is an action that does not require an opposing action from a character. If you miss a roll for one ability, i.e. your attempt to persuade the goblin to give you back your money, you cannot use that skill again for an hour of rp time, but you are welcome to use another, say flirt with the goblin and use and allure roll.


You will have to choose a race and abilities like strength, dexterity, and others.

If you have a mixed race, you will have to choose one specific race and annotate on your character app you are a Half One/Half the Other, but on the HUD choose your dominant half.


You will also be asked during certain interactions to allow Whitemane Experiences to interact with your character.  This is due to the highly interactive immersive rp on this sim.  These are not invasive and typically take the form of collision teleports for rp scenes and rentals.


No Bloodlines HUDs are allowed on this sim, failure to comply to the request to remove them will result in a three-day ban.




While on sim we expect you to be respectful.


No AFKing on sim outside a rental, period.  We will IM you and if you are not there you will be teleported to your home position.

No Metagaming


No Powergaming


No Godmodding


No sending IM's asking for soliciting sex.

Harassment is a serious offense and will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.


When you have an issue or question, we ask you to only IM 1 staff member or ask for help in group chat. If in the case they are AFK, be polite, let them know that you found someone else on staff that was able to help you, or is helping you.


Adult Role Play 


We expect every player to act in a mature manner, therefore we will not list every single thing you can or cannot do. We expect you to use common sense. We want everyone to enjoy and have fun here without rule bog down.


We do not promote this as an ERP sim.  Although this form of roleplay can be highly erotic, we ask that you keep it just that, roleplay.  Harassment of players outside roleplay for erotic roleplay is prohibited.  This is also a consent sim, any form of extreme erotic roleplay (rape, kidnapping) that a person does not consent to means you move on. 


Pulling people in to assist you from a form of rp say, rape and torture, kidnap rp and the victim syndrome is a consent related issue, should other players not wish to be involved with that, they do not have to be. 


Do not solicit sexual roleplay OOC in the form of IMs to a role player, i.e. “Hey there!  Awesome avatar interested some sex?”


We do not have a brothel or house of ill repute nor will one be added.  If your character wishes to be a lady of the evening, escort, male escort, etc.  You are free to take your rp prospects back to your home, a rented room in a pub or inn, or a back alley.



If you have a complaint or a suggestion for the sim, you can do so here (insert link), or IM a staff member.




The staff has the right to refuse avatars that are not in tune with the sim.  This is due to the immersive nature that has been created and we want everyone to fully enjoy it, without distractions, that is outside the allowable avatars and technology/magic.

Death and permadeath are up to the roleplayer and the person they are roleplaying with.  Consent must be given, but we encourage people to understand that this is a dangerous world and to have fun with it. 

Staff will don the roles of NPC’s when needed/requested to interact with characters/conclaves or even hunt a character down that was exposed.  Be assured there will be no metagaming, god modding, etc, they will investigate in roleplay only.  This does mean though that their personal characters may be out of town for a while until the roleplay runs its course.

RP actions have RP repercussions.

Rulings made by the staff are always brought to the entire staff.  We communicate with each other to ensure that no one is being biased or unfair.  Any complaints on a Staff Member should be brought to one of the owners, Tara Talaj, Veritas Arrow, Malikon Reyes, or Tart Vyper

Bans usually consist of, warning, same offense three-day ban, same offense permaban.  For things that are out of line, griefing, harassment, poaching or what the staff deems as egregious offenses, perma ban.