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Please make sure you read this section in its entirety before submitting the application
Nox Atra is a sim that is set in the late 1800's in a small town in Romania. Castle Damnelor looms high above, watching and waiting. For generations the hearty people gone by with their daily lives. They feel a presence among them. Most know not to go into the forest. The gypsies are wise to what may be happening. The Monastery is there for those who seek the truth and wish to help.
What is your path?

** If you are playing a non-human understand that when you are in your fantasy character that you will be hunted and perhaps killed if entering the city. You will be viewed as an aberration. For example, a werecreature would have 2 forms human and were.  Your goal is to maintain your secret, for exposure of your race would certainly mean disaster and some have even been banished by their own kind for exposure in the past.  Dwarves, Elves, some Fey Folk and even halflings have walked among the humans with the bare minimum of disguise because they look human enough, but elves and halflings have to keep those pointy ears hidden.  The Fey Folk are masters at glamour and Vampires have been playing the human game for eons.  Demons and Celestials also can take on mundane forms by grabbing a host body.  Orcs and goblins can have a hell of time, but there is a half orc that was the blacksmith of Speria for a long time, he was ugly as hell, but his talents were unmatched.  Use your imagination and if you need some help ask a Sentinel, that is what the staff is here for, to assist in your rp experience!

** If at any time you wish to change your character (other than human) you must submit a new application, but the HUD allows for more than one character, so you do not have to delete the previous character.
** No more than 3 forms per SL character. 


Please copy and paste the below into a notecard in SL and name it [SL Name] Nox Character APP [Date] and drop in the applications box in teh landing zone


Character Application

1) SL Name
2)Character Name(s)
3) Date of App
4) Character Race-
5) A SHORT description of your character's background .(I.E. This could be your profession or how you were turned etc.  Three to four sentences MAX)
6) Character picture of each form *Character Picture can be a gyazo link or other forms of links
7) Change the name of the NC with your SL name* IE Tara Talaj Application for Nox Atra and submit.

When you are accepted you will receive an invite to the OOC Nox Atra Group.  It should only take a few hours to approve at most and you are welcome to RP, no combat, until you are officially approved