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Lead Application

Please copy and paste the below into a notecard in SL and name it [SL Name] Nox Lead App [Date] and drop into the application box in the landing zone.


1) SL Name


2) Character Name(s)


3) Date of App


4) Character Race-


All leads must be able to voice chat with the owners on initial interview and for meetings with owners (There are 4 owners, your identity will remain a secret)

All leads must be available Sat or Sun for a few hours minimum.

All leads need to be on sim 15 hours minimum a week.

All leads must host a sim wide event (this can be a conjoined event, I.E. The Sect and Romany leads hold a fair).  Romany can hold one on one month, then Salbatic, Carpathian, etc.

All leads must fulfill these requirements.


What Lead Position are you Applying for?

Why did you choose this Conclave?

Have you read the history of the Conclave?

What would you add to that History in your character background?

What is your character?

Character's History-

Why do you want to be a lead?

What are your best and worst skills?

How will you forward roleplay on the sim?

How will you work with other group leaders?

What is your weekly time availability?

How would you settle a dispute between 2 players in your group?

How would you handle issues between your players and another groups' players?

Time zone?

Your Discord or Skype Name:

Roleplay experience?

How long on SL?

Have you held roles of responsibility on SL Before?

Thank you!  One of the Owners will get back to you ASAP!