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Incata Conclave

Ravnos, a familiar name to the Incata and one that is both tragic and beautiful.  The Incata were formed soon after the rift in the Ravnos family occurred.  Gregory Ravnos, fey and human by birth was much beloved by his Fey kin.  Beautiful as the night they said he was, warm hearted and quick to laugh.  Gregory had offered his mark to a Human, a simple man who had saved Gregory's dog from the rapids when a flash flood caused the banks of the river to over flow and rush through the Ravnos's family vineyards.  The man had risked his life and Gregory was forever in his debt, for the dog was a gift from his human grandmother who had died the year before.  

Gregory was soon forced to leave his ancestral home because of the rift that grew by the day, attracting some from the Unseelie Court who thought exposing the Fey world to a human was punishable by death.  Gregory was "banished" by his family.  That was the story that was told to keep his family, Fey and Human alike, safe from the wrath of the Unseelie and even some of the Seelie.  The day that Gregory had stepped inside the Hoia Baicu forest would change his life.  The forest spoke to him, moving him to the Hedge Ring.  It had fallen into a bad state, the mushrooms ringing the border of it and the birch trees had withered and they sang their woe to him for life once more.

Using his gift he tapped into the faint ley lines there and the Hedge Ring sprang to life and a joyous chorus greeted him when the Fey Folk stepped through and embraced him.  

The Incata was formed to make sure that the land would always have life.  When the Vampyr came to this area the Fey had drained most of their magic to hold back the cold that had crept into the land, sapping the life force from many areas in Nox Atra.  Gregory soon founded the town of Speria and charmed the Duke.  The two became friends and Gregory made a pact with the Duke that he would keep the Incata neutral as long as the Duke spared the land from his families "shadow of death."  The alliance held and all profited from it until the day Vlad Dracul visited, enamored by Gregory and jealous of the relationship the Duke has with him, he bit Gregory, the rush of magic that he received from that blood clouded all reason and he drained Gregory to near death. 

Gregory fell ill and nothing the Carpathians or the Fey did could heal him from the poison from Dracul's bite.  When Gregory died the Incata pulled their presence from Speria.  It suffered greatly from the curse of the Incata and it has taken some time to convince any of the Fey Folk to step over the threshold.  Some of the Conclave has taken to allowing magic to flow through them once more and the Vineyards, long abandoned, have started to grow again.  The Incata are elusive and their council has once more crossed the Hedge and made their presence known to those supernaturals in the area through tricks and pranks that are being played as of late.  As well they have taken note of the new magic and technology that is being produced.  With the exposure of the demi-humans they have found it quite easy for most of them to pass off as elves, hiding their wings from sight to too inquisitive beings, as they have more than once now seen fae wings being auctioned off in the black market.  This has also lead to a new group of their kin to come to Nox Atra, the Dreaming Fae have come along with those of the Vampire Clans.

The Incata is made up of all kinds of fae types, but their conclave has remained neutral thus far.  The love affair between the Duke and Gregory had left them vulnerable.  They seek out those that are hard workers and show vision, and magic.  Curious about the technology they are often ones to engage in new experiments some even volunteering to use their ability to channel magic assisting the more ambitious and enlightened.  They are known to attach themselves to those that use magic and manipulate them for their own betterment and that of the Conclave.