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A man Tarzu and his wife Bruhaly were the first of their race, the first Haflings. They were thieves. They had stumbled into the realm of the Fey and being true to their nature they attempted to acquire something of the Winter Queen. Not being too skilled at their trade or the Winter Queen being that good, their treachery was caught. The Queen was angered by the slight but admired their boldness, however she could not let the slight go unpunished.

She cursed the pair and all of their future generations. They were then banished from the Fey realm.  Try as they might no Hafling can gain access back into the magical world of the Fey.

Halflings are small in stature and had endured humiliation. Most withdrew from mankind and lived in small isolated colonies free from prying eyes.  Those that did not found that their small stature and nimble fingers along with their greed drove most to thievery.

Most are mistaken as children.  They have the strength of a child but they are fast and quick. They see an opportunity and seize it. 



  • They are not strong even for their size.

  • They are very greedy and if they see an opportunity whether it is wise or not they will take what is not theirs.


  • They are very fast, quick and nimble.

  • They are very clever and smart.


  • Allure: 1

  • Agility: 3

  • Knowledge: 3

  • Prowess: 0

  • Hidden 1

  • Hidden 2