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Fey Folk

Known by many names in numerous lands the Fey Folk are synonymous with trickery and mischievous natures.  They are also known to have good qualities, often assisting those that are hard workers or talented artists.  Often inspiring those they favor with song or talents to assist them.  They are also known though to take revenge on those that bring forth their ire.  Souring milk in the very cow itself, or causing fields to wilt, bringing forth drought and unpredictable weather.  They are masters of elemental magic and glamours. The "Dreaming" Fae have come along with the vampire clans and although they have different motivations they too are immortal.  Using the magic of the hedge to cross into this world some even moving across time through the dreams to come back to this time to change fortune?  


Fey Folk are immortal beings who live in a realm parallel to the human world.  In their realm their power is unmatched.  However, in the mortal world, their power pales in comparison to their true strength. They often refer to their home realm as being beyond the hedge, but its true name is only known to them. The bridge between the mortal world and their home is called the Hedge. The Hedge is in Nox Atra and it is not uncommon for a human to unintentionally wander through the Hedge and into the fey realm. Once a human has wandered through the Hedge they will be unable to find their way back out without help.  Most never return to be lost forever unless they find the favor of a Fey Folk to assist them. Everyone should be cautious when making deals with the Fey Folk. As they speak in half-truths and while they say one thing, in truth, they mean another.


Fey Folk come in all shapes and sizes. No, one is the same as another. That is why they have no name for themselves as a race. They see themselves as unique and individual. For this reason, they never refer to themselves, but by titles and names. A single Fey Folk may go by any number of titles or names but will almost never give their True Name.  To give their True Name gives that person power over them.  Simply saying their True Name aloud could summon them; for this reason, they guard their True Names fiercely. Their names hold another purpose though, a power. When a fey folk swears a contract in their own name they become name bound. When Fey Folk are name bound by an oath, the pledge defines their existence.  They can never knowingly break their oath otherwise their name will be destroyed.  And for them, namelessness is death.


Fey Folk understand the world in relatives rather than absolutes.  While some act according to bizarre oaths and rules; others act seemingly at random, obeying a logic opaque to all human understanding.  While they may sometimes take the form of human-like beings or animals. They are often incapable of understanding mortals, one of the reasons they find them so fascinating.

They are creatures as part of the world of mortals and as part of their own world, one which touches every plane of existence.  Maybe, therefore, they seem to be able to be in two places at once at such a rapid pace. 


Davian and the Witch sought to weaken the fog that had been created ages ago, but Davian Ravnos, being the trickster that he was, sought to expose everyone after all the Carpathians had been the direct result of his Uncles death.  Although he though his actions wise, Davian did not realize that his very actions had now also attracted the attention of those faes of the Dreaming.  



  • Incapable of breaking a deal, ever.  Once a deal is made the Fey cannot break it, doing so would make them nameless and they would rather die than be nameless.  This can be hard for Fey because they love to gamble and make bets and wagers.

  • Iron weakness: If they are attacked with Iron and go to zero hit points they will go into a supernatural stasis and they must either attain help to be moved and then a healer that can assist bringing them back from the “coma”.  No combat for 7 days while they recover.

  • Iron Marked:  Fey suffer scarring if attacked by Iron, making them Iron Marked.  Iron is lethal to Fey and the resulting scars from them are therefore permanent. (Remember CONSENT, if someone is trying to iron mark you negotiate in OOC chat, log it, keep it.  Of course, said person would also have to know you are a Fey, seeing as gunpowder and steel are prevalent weapons, rp will have to be submitted on how they attained iron weapons.)​


  • Magic Channeling:  FeyFolk is pure magic. Due to this they can taste, see, smell, touch, and always hear the magic.  They can absorb the magic that is around them, then channel it, however they please.  I would never suggest anyone attack a Fey Folk that is sitting on a Ley Line or in a Fey Circle! Let alone use magic against a Fey!

  • Glamour: Their glamour is powerful. They can permanently glamour items and places. Fae can see through existing Glamour, anyone os hard pressed to fool a fey! They will see through any glamour, and upon running into other fey in the human realm, will see through their glamour.

  • Mark of the Fae: They ca mark any human (or humanoid creature) friend or foe. The mark is invisible to any but the Fey.  They never give these marks lightly.  The mark of a Fey friend allows them to travel through the Hedge, thus the mark not being handed out willy nilly.  The mark is usually reserved for someone that has gone above and beyond int eh service of a Fey.  It also means marked as a friend, the person will suffer no harm from the Fey.  Each mark is unique and other Fey will know who bestowed such a mark, but only bound to the court they belong to.  This means an Unseelie friend would not be seen as a Seelie friend.


  • Allure: 5

  • Agility: 1

  • Knowledge: 3

  • Prowess: 0

  • Hidden 1

  • Hidden 2

For more information please check Attributes under the About​ tab.