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The Sect, Sanctuar Vanator

The Sect, Sanctuar Vanator


Created by Danii Sihastrul in the 1400’s.  No one is sure exactly when but the tomes in the library of the Santuarul de la întuneric say he created the Sect as a place and people that could protect from the darkness.

It was late one night, and a storm was raging as Danii was making his way back from Speria to the Putna Monestary.  He wrote that there was a small cave.  The opening just big enough for him to squeeze through to seek shelter.  A bolt of lightning had shattered a tree very near him and he had suffered from it.  Splinters imbedded in his body, he pulled them out one by one, then treated his wounds. 

Danii did not know but the scent of blood would attract those that live in the forest surrounding Speria and it did not take long for that scent to filter through to those keen senses.  There was a low howl and growl, he had almost missed it because of the thunder.  The light from his lantern flickered, casting a golden glow over the walls the mouth of the cave only lit up by the streaks of lightning that still broke the darkness of the storm.  He went on to write that as he watched the mouth of the cave, a hunk of bread in hand he noticed there was a dark form staring at him, outlined by the burst of light.  He stood, hitting his head and the rest was a bit of a blur.  He remembered that he prayed, bringing forth his cross and holding it forward, calling on God and his son to protect him and cast darkness from the cave and from him, to send it back to the depths of hell whence it came.  He wrote it was then someone, a shadowed man in a hood, yelled, distracting the beast, the flash of a sword, some words of prayer and he woke the next morning to see the corpse of a naked man and a note, that told him his prayers had saved him that night and he should remember that not all that lurk in the night is dark.


Danii swore that day he would make a shrine to honor God and the man that had saved him.  A hunter he said in his writings, a man of god perhaps or not, but his prayers had been answered.  Danii carved a house from that very cave, a place of Sanctuary for those that travelled the road between Speria and Putna.  It is a place of solitude and prayer, but more so legends have it that the house will protect any pure of heart who enter and seek safety from the creatures of darkness.


When Danii returned to Speria he began plans on the Santuarul de la întuneric, The Shrine from the Darkness.  As Vlad Dracul became prominent the need for those that could fight darkness increased and soon the Vatican used the Santuarul as a place to train their exorcists and hunters. Danii acquiesced to the request and the Monastery turned from Library and place of solitude and prayer to an academy of sorts to train those who had encountered darkness and sought to fight against it.  The oath of the Sect is that all who join here must maintain the secrecy of the creatures of the night, to expose them would shake the very foundations of humanity and cause panic.  The Vatican keeps an eye to the Monastery and forbids them to expose themselves. 


The Sect is aware that darkness resides here but not all that walk the night are dark, they say.  It is those that gain the attention of the Sect that should worry. They work in secret, sending out hunters or even hiring specialists to take care of those beings that go against the codes of humanity and seek to corrupt or harm the innocent. 


Most do not know where the entrance to Suntomorat is, but they know there is someplace these creatures congregate and seek to implant spies within those that do know.  The Sect can be led by either holy person or hunter, but they must be human.  Those that do know where Suntomorat is, maintain the secrecy because if those in the city knew they were hunters their time on earth would surely be limited.


Lead - Stalien Von Polnareff Al'Sah Fenryr (Azaereus)

Second- Lady Saya (ChieChan0 Resident)