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Speria Town Hall


Nox Atra



Speria was originally founded in the year 1411 by the Ravnos family.  The Ravnos were well known for their abilities to bring even the most barren soil to life.  A rift in the family brought the young man Gregory from the coast of Romania inland where in his travels he found Nox Atra.  A wild lush place with mountains he said, touched the sky and disappeared into the heavens.  He found the locals there welcoming if not a little superstitious.  His charm soon outweighed their natures and they welcomed him. 


Marrying a local Romany, they soon began to grow grapes and the region became known for their exquisite wines.  Gregory and Miriam’s love of the region soon leads them towards the Castle Damnelor, where an invite from the

Duke himself to bring their finest wine to share at his table.  The Duke was impressed and decided to assist the family and helped them found Speria.  A lush part of the area and right outside the Haunted Forest of Hoia Baicu.  With Mirian’s Romany heritage and Gregory’s talent for making things grow Speria was soon formed and many in the surrounding area came when the Duke, generous as he was, financed the travel of some very rich and exotic acquaintances.  People from Asia, Turkey, even as far away as France, Spain, and England. 


Some say that Gregory had such talent with the earth that he was magical, a mere touch of his hand would make even the sickliest plant spring back to life.  The friendship he shared with the Duke became closer.  The two often seen walking the vineyards at dusk, testing the grapes and sharing a bottle of wine.  Miriam, in love with her husband, as she was, thought it was good for her husband to have a man of such renown in his life, but more so, she knew he missed his family. 


Speria profited greatly from the wines that were produced here and as the years passed the children of Gregory were often seen playing outside the steps of the great doors of Castle Damnelor and the family spent much time there.  The very paths of the city scattered with trees and flowers and the vibrant fresh paints and plasters.  All was well here until Vlad Dracul came to visit, and the very air seemed to chill, the Duke closed the Castle doors and stayed in meetings with the Count for months.  Gregory was invited to bring his wine up to the steep pathways to the castle to present to the Count. 


It is told that a fight broke out, between the Duke and the Count.  The count left late in the night and was never seen again.  Soon after Gregory grew ill, pale and his body ravaged by fever.  The Duke had the family brought up to the Castle where they stayed the best doctors and soothsayers brought forward, but nothing could save Gregory.  The Duke was devastated at the loss of Gregory and Miriam faded, sinking into herself, she soon died of sorrow.  Her children now grown took up the reigns of Speria and that bloodline, even as diluted as it is, still lives in the area today. 


Speria faded, the love that Gregory had for the land seemed to fade with him, and over time there now only stand a few old trees in the city town, the grass is returning slowly, and the people seek to grow flowers and herbs.  The two great trees outside the doors to the Castle still stand, almost as if guarding the entrance, these trees were planted by Gregory and some say they embrace the entrance, perhaps the Duke and the mayor were very close indeed?


With the help of the Duke a new Mayor has been voted in and they both seek to set right the Town and bring it back to its glory.  They have sent out the Romany, paying them a good bit of coin to spread the word for “Fresh” ideas.  The Romany carry in their wagons wonderous scientific things, odd trinkets and some of the finest silver the land has seen.  More so, someone has once more revived the Ravnos Wine and the orders for more are already coming in. 


Speria is emerging into the 1800’s as gas lights, new construction and remodeling now seems to have hammers ringing in the town and science is burgeoning.  A small school has been built with a professor that is a genius in chemistry.  The new Mayor is often seen walking the streets, talking to the vendors and shop owners.  The upper floors of the administrative building often see many visitors from the local area as deals and contracts are made.  Some still cling to the old ways and refuse to “progress” but as more and more people come, things must be built.  The Mayor's recent proclamation that all races were to be treated equally and that we could learn from them and they from us has lead to rampant discrimination and racism and..... black market items of nefarious nature.

What makes it worse it's not even the black market in Suntomorat that is acquiring these but a human black market has also sprung up and items of exotic natures such as ground up orc bones and charms made from elf ears have been found being sold in Budapest!

Lead- Suzu (Hoesntrixx)