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The Elves are an ancient people, and little is known of their origin.  They refuse to share.  They are noble and arrogant some would say self-righteous. They would not think that of themselves. They simply insist that they are better than everyone else. This ignorance has led to many stories about their creation and lends to their mystic.

Where some creatures and humanoids have affinities to elemental magic, Elves forte is arcane magic, it is an art where an Elf can manipulate the energy around them to create magic, and often far more destructive in nature than subtle, like divine.

What we do know? They are basically good.  They appear to

worship their own deity and they try to not interfere directly in the business of man. Try as they might, they do seem to have a natural distaste for Vampire and were-creatures. 


  • Brains, not Brawn - They tend to be leaner in stature and not as strong as a man.  This means when forced to fight, they are far more likely to find something to their advantage than hand to hand with a known stronger opponent, fight smarter, not harder.

Strengths :

  • Elves tend to be fast.  They move quickly and quietly often leaving without a word even during a conversation that they have determined to be over.  Many a conversation has ended with, "Where did the elf go?"

  • They seem to live a very long time. Rumor has it that they are immortal. No one has ever seen an elderly elf or for that matter an elven child either.  Since they do live a long time, they seem to have great historical knowledge. 

  • Despite their aloofness, they are naturally charismatic, and the fairer ethnicities of elves are beautiful, even the drow are beautiful, albeit tend to be crueler and less charismatic.


  • Allure: 3

  • Agility: 4

  • Knowledge: 3

  • Prowess: 0

  • Hidden 1

  • Hidden 2

For more information please check Attributes under the About​ tab.