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A flicker of light and the soft tap of pick on tsone echoed in the small mine shaft.  He had dug deep this time, looking for something different.  The normal gold and silver no longer held the appeal for the old dwarf.

"Need something bigger, interesting, sumin to hand down to me lad."  he muttered as he picked at the hard stone.  A hand brushed over his forehead to wipe the sweat from it and as he did so the plank shifted and tilted.  He slipped from it and before he could reach his free hand out he found himself plummeting into the darkness.  Instinct took over and Garvin with all his might swung that pick forward and sunk it into stone, he heard loud pop and new the shoulder was dislocated, but his fall had been stopped at least.


Free hand reached to the gadget he had made, and lifting the small level the flint struck and sparked and lit the candle on the end of it.  As he looked around he swore.  The place he had fallen too had crystals, and the hummed and there was a high pitched sound.  "Odin's beard!"  he swore and looking around found a foot hold on a small ledge and released the pick.  

That was the day Garvin, father of Grafton co-founder of Suntomorat, discovered the crystals that contained a form of arcane magic and energy and emitted heat.  These crystals are used in pretty much everything that powers the City of Suntomorat, lights, steam to heat water and the buildings as well as crate wonderous items. 

The dwarves came from the far north, digging here and there and found their way to Speria, settling here because the crystals were not only precious but also intriguing.  When Grafton helped create Suntomorat with Brayden he brought some of his family and their beliefs with them, ardent believers in the Norse gods.  As time has passed though more and more cater to what fits in their own hearts.  They enjoy ale and good stories and working fine metals and tinkering with the crystals, but also mostly they like to make things with their hands.


  • Sink like a stone - Dwarves cannot float, try as they might without magical aid or a hand of a friend of some kind they are going to sink to the bottom like a stone.

  • Not a Sprinter - Dwarves are not fast runners, they can endure long distances because of their stout constitutions but sprinters they are not.

  • Nothing is a door - sometimes, they are prone to, shall we say, make a door where one should not be.  They firmly believe they can get through anything, sometimes to the detriment of others.  Brayden suffered severe burns and hearing loss once when Grafton decided to move a boulder with something explosive.


  • Heart of a Lion - Dwarves are hardy and endure a lot.  They are known to travel long distances and be able to withstand what normal people would consider frightening and abhorrent. 

  • Immunity - Dwarves are immune to poisons and have stomachs of iron.

  • I'm not a Wizard - their earth bound natures make them resistant to arcane magics, probably why they are not as cautious as some when melding magic and technology.


  • Allure: 0

  • Agility: 1

  • Knowledge: 1

  • Prowess: 4

  • Hidden 1

  • Hidden 2

For more information please check Attributes under the About​ tab.