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Combat Rules

Rules of Engagement

1.) By default, it is assumed that all parties will use the Nox Atra Dice HUD for combat. (If ALL concerned parties do not wish to use the Dice HUD and are in OOC agreement, free form text may be used instead)


2.) If a player does not wish to enter combat, they shall be given the opportunity to flee the scene before a battle commences. Every player has the right not to consent to combat. Do NOT roll initiatives if you are NOT entering the battle - Once you roll initiatives you are agreeing to combat! If you are NOT fighting - you must leave the area, leaving chat range, unless all agree you may watch.


3.) Once combat has commenced, no newcomers may enter the fight unless ALL parties already involved OOCly agree to allow it.

4.) Battle Consent Rule:
By rolling initiative in a fight, you are giving your consent to battle and to ACCEPTING THE IC CONSEQUENCES, i.e. winning, losing, being captured, etc. You must accept the IN CHARACTER consequences if you lose. This does not affect your personal limits, as they must be respected.

5.) Max Combat:

3 vs 1

4 vs 2

5 vs 3


Basic Combat Sequence 


1.) Initiation Phase - When a battle commences, the combat order will be decided by what is called an "Initiative Roll." In order to conduct an "Initiative Roll", click the icon for the Nox Atra HUD and then select "Initiative" on the dialog menu that pops up. The combat emote order is then sorted by the highest roll going first and the lowest roll going last (In an event of a tie, the two, or more players will roll again in order to determine their order.)

I.) Example Initiation Phase:

Nox Joe Moon rolled 21 for Initiative
Nox Fred Sun rolled 56 for Initiative
Nox Sue Star rolled 75 for Initiative

Emote Order = Sue Star 0/3, Fred Sun 0/3, Joe Moon 0/3)

2.) Main Combat Phase - Once the combat order has been established, the player with the highest roll may commence with their first attack. The process is to write an emote describing the planned attack and then clicking on the HUD< Choosing Roll Against and then on the new menu choose the character that you are attacking.  Then fill in the dialog box prompt with a brief summary of the attack. When you are ready, hit the submit button and the HUD will proceed to output the result of your attack. The target will then proceed to emote his reaction to the successful or unsuccessful result of the attack along with his intended action.

II.) Example Main Combat Phase:

Sue Star draws back her fist and throws a punch at Fred Sun
(Followed by using Roll Against button on HUD)
Nox Sue Star Generic Melee Attack, and failed (rolled 49 (7+42) vs Fred Sun's 75 (49+26))
Score Keeper: ((Sue Star 0/3, Fred Sun 0/3. Joe Moon 0/3)) Fred up

Fred Sun dodges Sue's attack and then attempts to knee the woman in the stomach. (Followed up by using Roll Against)
Nox Fred Sun Generic Melee Attack, and succeeded (rolled 118 (76+42) vs Sue Star's 56 (30+26))
Score Keeper: ((Sue Star 1/3, Fred Sun 0/3. Joe Moon 0/3)) Joe up

(Players are to keep score amongst themselves if no moderator is present or needed)


3.) End Phase - Once the opposing combatant(s) have been defeated, the battle will go into its end phase. During this time the victors may take their captives, loot their fallen foes, etc. NO PARTIES MAY INTERFERE until the victorious combatants have made their way back into neutral ground. Damage sustained in battle will take two hours to heal (One hour with subsequent RP from a Healer, that uses magic, other healing in a standard sense will take eight hours).

*Neutral Ground* - Meaning away from the actual spot where the area took place, much like a flee you have to move away from the battle area.


Keeping Score 

1.) Hit Points - All player avatars in Nox Atra have four hit points. When you have taken four hits in battle, you are then knocked out or dead dependent on your play style.

2.) Assigning a Scorekeeper - After the initiation phase, it is recommended that a score keeper is set. This can be a player or a moderator depending on who is involved in the battle and available.

3.) Score Keeping Format:

((<Player 1 Name> 0/3, <Player 2 Name> 0/3)) <Player up Next>

I.) Example for Keeping Score:

((Joe Moon 0/3, Fred Sun 0/3, Sue Star OUT. )) Joe next

Rules of Capture Roleplay

1. If the capture was unseen, captured party must be held a full 24 sl/rl hours before a rescue mission can be attempted. If the capture was seen, a rescue attempt can be made after at least 4 hours of capture.


2. Treatment of prisoners is limited to the prisoners own limits, however, you must act like a prisoner. If you are not okay with torture or beatings then you should avoid provoking the person who captured you.

3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Update your limits but even better COMMUNICATE OOC together!

4. Rescuing someone when they are within ACTIVE ROLEPLAY npc guards are not allowed.

5. If you are rescuing someone without any of their captors on sim please contact a Sentinel.


1.) Healing is an advanced action that can be substituted for an attack if a player has a character with a supporting role. In order to heal, write a healing emote and specify the the target.. After the emote is posted, click the Nox HUD and select Skills and then Knowledge, and either Magic Healing or Use Medicine, dependent on how you are healing. If the roll was OVER 60 the heal was successful, if it is 60 or lower the heal was unsuccessful.

Example Heal:
Joe Moon casts a healing spell and attempts to heal Fred Sun. (Followed by using Roll)
Nox Joe Moon rolled 5 for Healing

Furthermore, Healing must conform to the following guidelines:

I.) If a player decides to heal, that is the only action that they may conduct during their turn.
II.) Self Healing is NOT permitted (this pertains to NPCs, also).
III.) Mass Healing is NOT permitted.
IV.) Once a player has been knocked out of combat they CANNOT be healed in order return.


Area of Effect Attacks (AOE)

1) AoE attacks are attacks that target multiple players. It could be a divine spell, arcane trap, or a variety of other attacks. In order to conduct an AOE, a player needs to follow this procedure:


2) In the first turn, the source player will emote the preparation for the AoE. The player should add (Charging) after their post so all know they are starting an AOE.


IE Sue lifts her arms hands spread evenly apart as she closes her eyes and murmurs ancient words of a spell long forgotten. ( Charging )


3) In the second turn, the source player must list all of his targets.


IE Sue opens her eyes and hurls the mystical brilliant blue ball of energy at the group.( AoE Joe,Tom,Dick and Harry)


4.) The Attacker using the AOEt then has to "Roll Against" each player they stated in their attack post. A failure on this roll means they have missed their target.


5) If a player is "successfully" attacked by another player BEFORE their AoE has been concluded, THE ATTACKER will roll again in order to determine if they have interrupted the charging AoE. This second attack is only for the interrupt and NO additional damage will be dealt.



1.) Shielding is when a player chooses to spend a round blocking for another player rather than making an attack action. At the end of your RP post you will add (shielding <target>) so that the moderator knows what your intention is. If you a shielding another player, all direct attacks towards that player go towards you instead until it is your turn again and you chose to do something else rather than shield or until you are knocked out of the fight

Joe stands in front of Sue blocking with his magical shield. ( Shielding Sue)
**If anyone wants to attack shielded Sue they MUST now roll against Joe.***


2) Shielding takes the place of an attack. If you chose to shield another player you cannot attack.

3) When another player attacks the player you are shielding that player rolls against you rather than their target.


4) If the hit is successful the damage goes to you rather than their target.
iv.) Shielding will not affect how an AoE works. An AoE will still hit a shielded player.
One More Time: Shielding DOES NOT protect against an AOE!!!!


5.) If player 1 is charging an action and player 2 is shielding them, hitting player 2 does NOT have a chance to interrupt player 1’s charging action.


6) A player cannot be shielded by two players at once and a player who is shielding another player cannot be shielded himself.


Fleeing/Escaping Combat

1.) Fleeing - If a player decides that they wish to try and escape the scene for whatever reason, they may attempt to flee the scene. Fleeing is an advanced action that can be substituted for an attack. In order to flee, write an fleeing emote. After the emote is posted, click the Nox HUD and select the Flee option on the dialog menu and then click submit. If the roll was OVER 65 your escape was successful, if it is 65 or lower the escape was unsuccessful.

Example Flee:
Joe Moon: wounded sees his opportunity to escape. (Flee)
(Followed by using Roll)
Nox: Joe Moon rolled 77 for Fleeing.


Fleeing Etiquette/Post Combat Guidelines:

2.) Once you have escaped you can not re-enter any combat for 1 hr.

3.) If you have fled, you may not re-enter the battle that you were originally a part of.

4.) Any damage you have sustained will remain until 2 hours after your escape. (A full hour with supporting healing RP if magical, 8 hrs if mundane.)

5.) Player *must* leave the battle area


NOTICE: Some skills CAN be used in combat, however all skills were designed for OUT OF COMBAT purposes. It is up to the individuals fighting on how these rolls are used and why. As always, this is a consent sim, and skills such s persuasion or intimidation may not always work in a combat situation. If issues with these or any other skills come up in combat RP, please contact a member of the staff.