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Carpathian Conclave


The Ottoman Empire had taken control of Constantinople in 1453, gaining the Balkans as part of their territory. By the acts of the Turks and the cruelty of his own mind, Vlad the Impaler was the first, the
Creator of those to come.


The Gypsies of the area still profess that the One, the First is still alive
somewhere, encased in the earth of Transylvania.  It is now the 1800’s and the castle still looms over the town below, over 100 meters up and nestled in the mountains. Four hundred years have passed, and peace now reigned over the area. The Duke had led his troops in the last fight, to protect his people below during the many skirmishes and wars. Independence had been hard won. The Carpathian Conclave, using magic and science created a veil obscuring the area
from prying eyes.

The Duke and his family had lost their lives in the last battle, or so it was believed. The magic that
created the veil had a high price. Some say a demon created the ritual and had demanded the death of the
current council and their ashes, purified by the light of the sun, be used around the borders of Nox Atra.
The ashes, the final ingredient, used in the ceremony that was held at dawn. The mayor of the town,
learning of their deaths from a servant of Castle Damnelor, had sent out riders seeking an heir. A distant
cousin was found. The Mayor and locals were in desperate need of protection and economic aid
welcomed the family.


The Castle Damnelor once more showed signs of life, construction began and the castle was turned into a large manor so all those in the realm could share offices there. Armed warriors and artisans, exotic animals and
science had been brought with them. The town has benefitted since they arrived. Gas lights now kept the
shadows at bay in the streets, sewers and catacombs were built and a thriving hospital. Large rooms were built below the manor to house the vampires so they could shun the sun and keep their identities a secret. 


The mayor welcomed the aristocrats and in turn word got out and people began to settle in Nox Atra. The
court had grown once more and held influence. The other conclaves seek to infiltrate the Carpathians and
tension is always thick with the leaders of the other bands that hold power.  The vampires themselves have infiltrated the town disguising the aversion to daylight with powerful spells and charms to keep an ear on the locals mixing in as it were, some even running shops.


The Carpathian Conclave, as their leader calls them, are indeed the Children of the Night, Stragoi,
Vampyr, specters, ghosts and more. The dead or those that seek to serve them reside in the castle.
Hidden to the mortals with makeups, science and even catered to by some of those that seek their favor
and riches.


The Conclave of Vampyr enjoys their hold on the humans and mortals of the land. Filtering out any that
might threaten them. Visitors that raise the suspicions of the Vampyr clan don’t stay long, and many
have been known to disappear never to be heard from again. Keeping the town secluded has worked for
them thus far until the fog was lifted by a powerful Romany witch and a deceitful fey lord from the Incata.  When the veil fell the demi-humans and supernaturals were exposed and now the vampires and Speria work hard to make sure that the outside world remains naive as possible.   They have a strong hold on the locals, garnering their favor through their assistance,
seduction, manipulations, and generosity. The 19th-century modern world looms over them, threatening to
destroy their ancient ways.


They keep a wary eye on the Sects Sentinels and Gypsies, making sure their disguises are completely outside the portcullis of Damnelor Manor.  The Werebeasts are their mortal enemies and they seek to purge the contamination, as they call it, from the land.  Now that the veil has been lifted, the magical fog that protected them and all alike, they are wary of those paying too much attention to them and seek to infiltrate the town using the advantage of their very human appearances.  


The imposing fortress looms over the town and forest of Hoia Baciu, casting its shadow as if it were always watching. They know they are not the only supernatural beings here, but it is a complex game of politics and a dangerous game of hide and seek that the Conclaves play in Nox Atra.


Lead – Raziel (Tenaciouskaola Resident)
Second – Kairose (llyyannaa Resident)
Historian –


The Carpathian Conclave is predominantly known for their Vampire affiliation and population. Although they are known to have their “pets” and ghouls. They also welcome those undead that seek safety from being exposed. The Vampyr excel with Illusion, bordering on the Fey folks expertise with glamour and are also known for their talent with necromancy.