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[Ability points] are used to increase [Attributes] which are used to increase the dice roll modifiers for [Skills]

For a list of Racial Modifiers please check the race page. There are two hidden stats that are not player adjustable for balancing character races.









  • Slight of Hand- Increases one's ability to move one's hands unnoticed and in a manner where another is deceived

  • Pickpocket-Increases one's ability to steal objects off another

  • Hide-Enhances one's ability to be unseen

BASIC SKILLS (modified by Agility)

  • Initiative- increases ability to be one of the first to fight

  • Flee- Increases ability to leave the fight


  • Deception- Increases one's ability to lie

  • Persuasion- Increases one's ability to coerce and  convince 

  • Allure- Enhances one's ability to entice,charm, seduce, appeal, bewitch, glamour


  • Magical Healing- Increases one's ability to heal themselves and others

  • Use of Medicine- Increases one's ability to heal themselves and others

  • Insight- Enhances one's determination of the true intentions of a creature,( introspection using acute observation and deduction)

  • Perception- Increases one's conscious understanding of something that which is detected by the 5 senses


  • Natural Resistance- Increases One's ability to resist poisons, drowning and group attacks

  • Survival- Enhances one's ability to track, nature skills, predict weather, forage food, hunt

  • Feat of Strength- Surge of adrenaline that can only occur once every 24 hours. 

  • Force- Increases one's ability to use brute strength  against objects

  • Sturdy- Increases one's resolve and force in a dangerous situation