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About Us

Nox Atra

We created this sim and lore for those that like World of Darkness, Vanhelsing, Gothic Horror, the Brothers Grimm and a general atmosphere of danger, intrigue, and Mystery.  With a little bit of Dr. Who thrown in.  It is the late 1800's in a rural part of Transylvania in the region called Nox Atra, the town of Speria is high above the fields and Forest of Hoia Baciu.  The forest is famous for how haunted it is.  Where the shadows seem to hide the damned.  We have fully immersive experiences here.  Danger lays around every corner. 


People gather at the Slaughtered Lamb Pub in Speria to tell their stories and drink their pay away.  All the while they look up at the castle above, Damnelor it is called. Romany merchants and soothsayers sit at a table, bartering their skills and wares and plan a business trip for an order placed by the blacksmith.  


Imagine you are walking through the forest, the sound of rattling

echoes around you, as you part the bushes to look and explore a boney hand reaches out and you feel as if your heart has been frozen.  Gasping for air, you black out.  When your eyes open you are laying in a bed and looking down on you is a local nurse named Sophia and she smiles, "You had a nasty encounter, Sir, you were found in the woods in quite a paralytic state, do you remember anything?"   The local Militia is notified and you are asked to assist in finding what it was that harmed you.

The Vampires, the town of Speria supernaturals and even some fae helped create the "Fog" that hid supernaturals and demi-humans from human memory.  Even with the fog lifted now were beasts were still part of a legend, evil creatures unable to control their change and cause mayhem and murder where ever they tread, or so the rumors and legends have told.  Vampires still a myth to many but some know now of their presence, but blatantly flaunting your were nature or vampire kin could land you in a very precarious plot to make you disappear.  Even now with the fog lifted racism is rampant, those that differ from humans face the daily trials of acceptance and some still prefer to remain hidden, secreted in Suntomorat.  The demi-humans now walk freely amongst the humans, the Mayor of Speria setting into law the anti-discrimination act, but she can't stop it, no one can really and some establishments will not abide by the "Unclean, pointy-eared green-skinned people".

Vampire Clans and Fae Dreaming have been attracted here as well.  Some believe that the Dreaming Fae have even walked through time, dragging those unlucky Vampire Clans with them.  A certain Ventrue has taken to making quite a bit of money on the black market and some say he is seeking to unseat the older generations of vampires and bring them either into the 1800's or, remove them.


The Monastery, Santuarul de la întuneric, is a place of safety and knowledge, but so much more lays beneath the Monastery.  A place where weapons, magic, and science are used to create items to combat evil in the land.  Hunters lean over tables where monks fine-tune their requests, this specialized band that works within the monastery. They are often sent out when great evil is detected.


City Hall in Speria, newly renovated houses the City Mayor and their staff.  They are hiring it is said, in need of clerks and a Militia Chief, the last one you see, died a horrible death when he fell off the cliffs by the Romany camp after a night of too much loki and opium.


Lest we forget the Conclaves, hidden from the eyes of Humans, some protect them, some feed off them.  It is a delicate balance and a game of hide and seek, under the very eyes that could destroy them all.  For humans far outnumber those that live in the shadows.  Living in a great city that lies beneath the very feet of the mortals above.  The city of Speria is wedged between The Castle Damnelor and Suntomorât.  The Vampyr who play at a game of democracy and power, they "aid" the humans and are seen as the saviors of the Town and surrounding area, but in reality, they only protect their source of food.  

Lilith, the half demon, a half-vampire has escaped purgatory and her imprisonment by those of Nox Atra and seeks revenge.  Tearing a rift that reaches back in time, pulling into its turmoil those races and creatures of myth and fantasy, landing them in the 1800's.  She keeps the chaos in full bloom to hide her plots and movements in the shadows to destroy Nox Atra and those that wronged her.


We invite you to come and explore with us, tell us your own stories and we will put them up on the website for others to share.  Roleplay is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a world where the daily life grind falls behind us and we are able to relax with like-minded people and have fun being someone different for a few hours out of a day.