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Dark is the Night outside the walls of Speria,



Country – Romanian

Time – Late 1800’s

Region– Transylvania

Area - Nox Atra, Land of the Haunted

Town – Speria

Notable Areas – Castel Damnelor, Hoia Baciu Forest, Fishing  Village on the shore of Apa Neagra Lake, Bântuit Tower, Suntomorât  (underground City) and Santuarul de la întuneric.


People of Note;


Pieter Winslow - The mysterious doll maker that came to Speria not long ago.  His dolls approach a realism that some find unsettling.  His dealings are always polite, fair priced and tend to leave his customers very satisfied, but there is some fine print.


Lilith, the half demon, a half-vampire has escaped purgatory and her imprisonment by those of Nox Atra and seeks revenge.  Tearing a rift that reaches back in time, pulling into its turmoil those races and creatures of myth and fantasy, landing them in the 1800's.  She keeps the chaos in full bloom to hide her plots and movements in the shadows to destroy Nox Atra and those that wronged her.

Nox Atra is a region on the far north corner of Transylvania in the Country of Romania.  It has been under Turkish rule since the late 1400’s.  It was spared most of the wars because of the Duke and his family.  No one knows how they managed to keep the area practically unscarred by the despots and soldiers of the Ottoman Empire.  This of course also had an effect though marking it as one of the most rural areas in Transylvania.

Nox Atra

Even Nox Atra though, felt the grip of the Ottoman Empire and the Turks sought out rumored riches and stories of creatures of exotic natures.  The Duke rallied his forces and marched forth to eradicate the threat, history says the royal family died that day.
The Gypsy seers believe a magical veil protects the region from those seeking to harm it, a great sacrifice by one of the councils.  They believe it protects and keeps Speria from prying suspicious eyes.  A power so great the area even seems to blur when maps are looked over.  The Mayor has decreed all humans and humanoids will be accepted, elves, dwarves, halflings, even orcs, and goblins are accepted.  Supernaturals still like to hide their true selves for rumors of random disappearances have come to light about missing persons.

Hidden to most, although rumors abound of a strange place of mystery and danger that accepts misfits.  Those that seek it either stay, are never heard from again, or return completely insane, babbling of superstitious nonsense and often die or are committed to homes for those suffering from mental illness.  

The world outside Nox Atra is burgeoning, trains and engineering marvels are filtering into Europe.  Here though, time moves much slower.  Loathing exposure to the rest of the world, the ruling Conclaves of the area fear being discovered for their true natures.  Werebeasts, demons, Celestials, and Vampires so easily blend in, their rumors are still considered myths but there are those in the know of these beings. The resulting chaos is not a welcoming thought if all were to be exposed.  Racism is rampant behind the Mayor of Speria's back and some still seek the safety of Suntomorat to be their true selves, hiding who they are to those above.

The economy is self-sufficient, but trade is limited and often controlled by the Conclaves.  Gypsy caravans are often used to promote trade, for no one is tighter-lipped and better at a deal than the Romany. There seems to be a burgeoning black market as strange and interesting weapons and wondrous marvels filter out of and into Speria.  Auctions can be found for rare items such as celestials feathers, demon horns, and undead parts, and disappearances are known to happen to those exposing themselves willy nilly.

The very land itself though seems to attract more than its fair share of those beings that are often only thought of only in fairytales.  This is most likely due to the vast underground city that lays just beneath Nox Atra, Suntomorât (soon ta moor at) and the Mayor of Speria's recent proclamations of acceptance.  The Grimm brothers are rumored to visit here, could this be where they get their off-color and terrifying tales?


Although this is the late 1800's you are in a rural part of the country in Romania, we make allowances for magic-tech, i.e. repeating crossbows, modified weaponry as such, period firearms are allowed and magic is common and accepted.  Conclave's frown on those that may expose their secrets and have been known to banish or kill those that do not abide by the conclave rules.